High Quality Cleaning

Pickup / Delivery

Our drivers will come pick up and deliver your clothing from your home or office. No more rushing to make it to the cleaners on time.

High End Cleaning

With Nettoyeur Freddy, you never have to worry about subpar quality services. Our team treats every garment with care.

Minor Alterations Included

Our VIP service includes all minor repairs and alterations. Forget about issues like loose buttons, and let our team keep your garments in pristine condition.

Service Area


Covering the Montreal Area


Covering the Laval Area


Covering the Longueuil Area

What Drives Us

Quality Service

Our team is focused on providing the best possible services to our clients. We believe quality service is in the fine details. That is why we developed a VIP service that really caters to your needs, and offer things like free minor alterations and repairs to your garments.

Happy Customers

Our number one priority is you. If you are not content, neither are we. This is why we offer extensive services to our clients such as VIP pickups and delivery, as well as offer referral programs and guarantees on our work.

Letter from The President

Dear clients,

For several years you entrusted me with taking care of the clothes you cared most about – and it is that trust that motivates me to raise the bar in the field of dry cleaning.

My team and I, through Nettoyeur Freddy, aspire to become the reference in the field of dry cleaning throughout our unparalleled service and superior results. We also believe that our turnkey VIP service of pick-up and delivery at your home or office is the future in our industry as it focuses on your current needs for dry cleaning while optimizing your time.

Dry cleaning is our art; our increased knowledge of textiles and maintenance of these ensure you that we will treat each garment with the care and finesse it deserves.

Thank you for trusting Nettoyeur Freddy to take care of your garments.

Sincerely, Sylvain Mamadou